Bryce Hall pokes fun at being ‘cancelled’ for huge Ani Energy launch party

Brad Norton
Bryce Hall on YouTube
YouTube: Bryce Hall

TikTok celebrity Bryce Hall has come under fire once again for a huge gathering to celebrate the launch of Ani Energy, though he doesn’t appear all too concerned about being ‘canceled.’

Ani Energy is the latest collaboration from two of the world’s most popular social media influencers. Hall teamed up with fellow TikToker Josh Richards to promote the new product, though their launch event caught them in hot water.

Despite the ongoing global crisis, hundreds of avid fans gathered for the chance to meet them at a recent launch party. Enormous crowds swarmed a local shopping center as the two vlogged the experience.

It didn’t take long before the huge party gained attention online, with many fans flaming them for the event. Though Hall didn’t appear all too bothered, poking fun at the negativity by titling his video: “I got canceled for this.”

Bryce Hall with hundreds of fans
YouTube: Bryce Hall
The launch of Hall’s new energy drink attracted hundreds of avid fans.

As the internet stars drove into a nearby shopping center, they were met by a massive crowd. “There’s like 400 people out there right now,” Hall said.

“We didn’t even tell them to come,” Richards followed up. “We just told them we’re going to shop.” Evidently, fans still jumped at the opportunity to meet them and appear in their content.

“We just need people to wear their f***ing masks,” Hall stressed. Though a few minutes later and that line of thinking seemingly went out the window. “Who wants to shotgun?” he asked moments later with his mask down.

“We can’t keep defending you,” one fan said in response to the latest drama. “He gets canceled for everything,” another viewer responded on YouTube. Hall even liked this particular comment, however, clearly unphased by the drama.

This latest incident comes weeks after facing backlash for attending various influencer parties – one of which almost landed them jail time. Despite later “regretting” these events, Hall has now found himself back in the same controversy.

Not the only influencer to do so, the likes of Jake Paul and plenty others have also come under fire for big events despite the current climate.