AVGN explains why he turned down role in Godzilla vs Kong

Virginia Glaze
AVGN turned down role in Godzilla vs Kong
YouTube: Cinemassacre / Warner Brothers

Godzilla vs Kong has finally released to positive reviews — but it could have had quite an interesting cameo from one of YouTube’s OG content creators, the Angry Video Game Nerd.

“He’s gonna take you back to the past, to play the…” well, you know the rest.

The Angry Video Game Nerd (real name James Rolfe) is a hallmark of YouTube history, who continues to give viewers hilarious reviews of older games that might not have made an impression on players for all the right reasons.

Having joined YouTube in 2006, Rolfe has created quite a name for himself over the past decade based on his humorous “Angry Video Game Nerd” persona, reviewing games in a stereotypical “nerdy” way (while also throwing out the occasional and wildly creative insult or two).

While Rolfe is known for reviewing games and movies, he actually had the chance to be in such a production for Godzilla vs Kong, which released on March 31, 2021.

While most content creators would leap at the chance for such an opportunity (let us not forget Ninja’s upcoming flick with Ryan Reynolds), it seems that Rolfe had to turn down the role due to far more important developments in his life at the time of filming.

“Adam Wingard, the director, did a good job, and seems to have made this from a fan’s perspective,” Rolfe said during a March 31 video review of the film. “You know, weird thing, he actually offered me a cameo three years back, but my second daughter was about to be born, and I had major priorities there.”

(Topic begins at 6:15)

Despite this, Rolfe seems to have no regrets about not being able to join the flick, and is even happy to sit back and enjoy the movie from a fan’s point of view.

“I’m happy to be detached from the film to be able to sit back and view it the same as I would with any other monster film,” he continued. “…now that [Adam’s] done with that, how about that Nerd episode?”

While it’s unclear if Wingard will ever join Rolfe for an AVGN episode, it’s definitely cool to learn that we could have seen a piece of internet culture take part in mainstream media — but who knows what further opportunities await him down the road?