Apex Legends streamer goes nuts after killing Dizzy and King Richard

. 3 years ago

Everyone always thinks of the big names when it comes to Twitch but not many think of the smaller streamers. Take a look at this streamer’s reaction to eliminating Dizzy and King Richard’s squad in Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends has been at or near the top of Twitch since its release in February. This has been buoyed by the  many big streamers coming over to the game since its launch such as shroud, Ninja, summit1G and Dr Disrespect but Apex Legends has also made its own stars.

Apex Legends has also made its own stars, with Dizzy being the most prominent. As part of Ninja and King Richard’s team, he won the inaugural Apex Legends tournament and hasn’t looked back since.

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This streamer went wild after eliminating Dizzy.

While Dizzy was a relative unknown coming into Apex Legends he has since made quite the name for himself. He consistently racks up wins and double-digit kill games, making him a delight to watch.

Alternatively, this means he also has a price on his head for other players. Small streamers can use all the publicity they can get which is why getting an elimination on Dizzy can be excellent for growth.

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Streamer ComedyRussell, a Twitch partner, recently killed Dizzy’s squad in Apex Legends and has pretty much the best reaction you could hope for, despite being killed himself immediately after.

In the clip, we can see an engagement play out and when ComedyRussell begins to get the upper hand, he shares a lot of excitement. Be warned the clip above is incredibly not safe for work.

On the other side of things, we have Dizzy who just treated it like a regular death.

It’s always interesting to see how streamers engage with each other in games and this is a good example of what one does when they eliminate one of the more famous players on Twitch.

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