Andrea Botez explains why she won’t make solo channel with hilarious Mizkif roast

. 9 months ago
Mizkif and Andrea Botez
Twitch: Mizkif

Andrea Botez and sister Alexandra have become a dominant duo on Twitch, starting out as chess streamers before growing out of the genre and becoming far bigger.

Under the name BotezLive, the sisters’ shared channel has overtaken their chess careers and they’re pursuing content creation full-time, even joining popular esports organization Envy as creators.

While they do things separately occasionally, their channels remain mutual ones and that doesn’t look like changing any time soon.

When Mizkif asked her about the idea of making separate channels, Andrea was insistent it wouldn’t be happening — and couldn’t help but take a jab at him in the process.

Alexandra and Andrea Botez Envy Gaming
Envy Gaming
The Botez sisters have become huge on Twitch.

Andrea was just chatting with Mizkif and his viewers in Miz’s stream when the topic of her content career came up, and Miz made some suggestions.

“Why don’t you and your sister just make separate channels and you would double your amount of revenue?” Mizkif asked, suggesting that with two channels they could essentially double their revenue.

Andrea insisted that she’s definitely not separating from her sister. “Just because you lost your partner doesn’t mean I have to lose my partner,” she said, joking about Mizkif’s recent split from ex-girlfriend Maya. “And no, it wouldn’t work like that. We’re not even consistent enough, we don’t post that much.”

The idea of separate channels is one that fans have discussed for a long time, especially those who perhaps prefer the content of one Botez sister over the other.

But Andrea is insistent there’s no way they make separate channels, perfectly content with how they currently operate and, to their credit, it’s definitely working for them.

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