Amouranth hits back at accusations of cheating on Mizkif’s Schooled Twitch stream

. 1 year ago
amouranth and mizkif
Youtube: Amouranth / Twitch: Mizkif

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has been under scrutiny after some viewers accused her of cheating in the third episode of Mizkif’s OTK Schooled series, but she has since responded and denied the accusations. 

OTK Schooled is one of the most unique series on Twitch. It involves popular streamers battling it out to show off their general knowledge and advance through the grades until a winner is found. The streamer with the largest brain wins a massive x gifted subs, meaning the stakes are very high.

This means there is a massive temptation for contestants to take some liberties with the integrity of their answers. On the May 13 episode, the winner Kaceytron later admitted to cheating with her answers, leading to another spat with long-time critic Dream.

However, close competitor Amouranth has also come under fire after viewers accused her of cheating after she showed off her knowledge about the composition of DNA.

After the accusations, Amouranth first denied that she had cheated on Mizkif’s stream live on Twitch.

“No, I didn’t cheat on Mizkif’s show,” she said. “Despite a bunch of haters, I still didn’t do it. I played fair and square, and I still didn’t get gifted subs.”

She then posted a longer explanation on Twitter, accusing viewers of using her as a “scapegoat”, and asserting that there was “no coming out of that show looking good.”

“Go to the OTK announcement of the show. Read the comments. Hate comments about my appearance on the show overwhelm all the other comments.

“Easy plurality if you had to categorize the comments. I failed to take that into account and realize I needed to lose ugly to win.”

“The hot tub meta has people looking for a scapegoat,” she added. “There was no coming out of that show looking good. Either ‘lol idiot meat Barbie’ or ‘lol cheater’.

“Like in online gaming culture: you’re a noob if you lose OR you won because you hacked.”

Mizkif was torn as to whether he should award Amouranth, who finished in second place to confessed cheater Kaceytron, the grand prize of gifted subs, while fellow OTK member Asmongold has suggested all cheaters will be banned from future OTK events.

Either way, the overall debacle has cast a shadow over what fans hoped would be fun and fair competition.

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