Alinity’s condom Twitch stunt blows up right in Mizkif’s face

. 11 months ago
Alinity Condom Stunt Mizkif Twitch
Twitch: Mizkif

Mizkif, Alinity, and a condom. What could possibly happen? Well, during their joint mail opening stream, viewers got to find out, with Alinity’s condom stunt exploding right into Mizkif’s face.

Twitch stars often receive mail from their biggest fans, and while some of the presents are amazing, at times, they are pretty disgusting.

So when Mizkif and Alinity were opening mail addressed to “TriHard” during the streamer’s July 28 broadcast, they were both initially hesitant. Well, at least Mizkif was.

“Don’t even, Alinity. No. Put it back. Throw it on the ground. Do not grab it. It’s either going to be a glitter bomb, or a Lego piece,” he said. “Why are you opening something that says TriHard on it? You are asking for problems. It says TriHard.”

Mizkif Alinity Twitch condom unboxing
Twitch: Mizkif
It wasn’t a glitter bomb, despite Mizkif’s greatest fears, but a condom.

Alinity didn’t heed Mizkif’s warnings, and while the two weren’t struck by a glitter bomb, they both couldn’t help but laugh at what was actually inside the letter: A condom.

Mizkif made an off-handed comment about giving it to Erobb before an epiphany struck him. After quickly going through Twitch’s terms of service in his head, the two had their collective brain cell collide at the same time.

“We could blow it up,” said Alinity.

“Yeah that’s what I was trying to do. There’s no way you can’t show a condom on stream. That’d be the most pathetic thing ever if Twitch doesn’t let you do that. Isn’t it safe sex? There’s Trojan ads. You’ve gotta be able to,” Mizkif added.

So, Mizkif got his best balloon pump and got to work. A few awkward changes later without progress, Alinity decided to take over, getting it up in a heartbeat.

At a certain point, Mizkif got scared. He started cowering away from Alinity, who was now blowing up the condom in his face. Inevitably though, there was just too much air in it and it exploded ⁠— right in Mizkif’s face ⁠— causing a moment of mild panic between the two.

After the initial shock though, the Twitch star couldn’t hold back. He laughed: “That’s some good condoms man. That thing’s incredible.”

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