Destiny 2 Xur location today: What is Xur selling? (October 29 – November 2)

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Destiny 2 Xur location

It’s a new weekend, which means every Guardian’s favorite shady Destiny 2 vendor is back at a new location. Xur is waiting to sell you a new exotic or two, and even offer up his cipher quest if you’re in need of another weapon from the exotic archive. Here’s where to find Xur’s location on October 29.

Every Friday, Xur returns to Destiny 2 in a new location and offers Guardians a chance to grab an exotic weapon and some new exotic armor rolls in-game, along with his exclusive cipher quest that you need to complete in order to claim an old exotic weapon from the Monument to Lost Lights.

Xur will be back in Destiny 2 this week, and he’s due to set up shop in a different location with a whole new stock on offer to Guardians. In fact, as of Season of the Lost, Xur can now sell a series of Legendary items, too — adding a new dimension to the mysterious vendor.


Destiny 2 Xur location
Destiny 2’s Agent of the Nine is back, selling his goods to Guardians for another weekend.

Where is Xur today in Destiny 2?

As of 10 AM PDT/6 PM BST on Friday, October 29, Xur is in the Tower.

As always though, he’ll always appear in either the Winding Cove (EDZ), Watcher’s Grave (Nessus), or the Tower’s Hangar. Will that change with The Witch Queen? We’ll have to wait and find out. Last week, it was Nessus, and smart players managed to trap him in certain instances to earn better loot.

Destiny 2 Xur Tower location map
Xur is in the Tower Hangar again.

What is Xur selling? Exotic armor and weapon (October 29 – November 2)

As of 10 AM PDT/6 PM BST on Friday, October 29, Xur is selling the following:

  • Vigilance Wing exotic pulse rifle
  • Shards of Galanor Hunter gauntlets
  • Karnstein Armlets Warlock gauntlets
  • Antaeus Wards Titan boots

Don’t forget, whatever you grab this weekend can be used in the Festival of the Lost event which ends on November 2.

What did Xur sell last week?

Last week, Xur was selling:

  • Graviton Lance exotic pulse rifle
  • Oathkeeper Hunter gauntlets
  • Lunafaction Boots Warlock leg armor
  • Ursa Furiosa Titan gauntlets

Graviton Lance Exotic Pulse Rifle

Destiny 2 Graviton Lance Exotic Pulse Rifle
The Graviton Lance is one of Destiny 2’s best exotic pulse rifles.

It might be overshadowed by other weapons in its class, but the Graviton Lance is still a solid choice. The weapon’s Black Hole perk increases damage on the second shot of each burst, and the Cosmology trait causes targets to explode upon death, dealing Void damage and sending out additional tracking projectiles.

Oathkeeper Hunter Gauntlets

Destiny 2 Oathkeeper Exotic Hunter Gauntlets
If you love using bows, the Oathkeeper gauntlets are the exotic for you.

The Oathkeeper gauntlets are, admittedly, a more niche exotic option for Hunters. The armor’s unique perk, Adamantine Brace, allows you to charge your bow shots indefinitely — fairly underwhelming, but they can be paired nicely with exotic bows like Wish-Ender and Trinity Ghoul in PVP.

Lunafaction Boots Warlock Leg Armor

Destiny 2 Lunafaction Boots Exotic Warlock Leg Armor
The Lunafaction Boots significantly buff your damage output while in a rift.

A Rift-focused Warlock exotic, the Lunafaction Boots offer some impressive neutral-game benefits. Their Alchemical Etchings perk increases your reload speed while in a rift, and with Empowering Rift equipped you’ll gain an additional boost to your range, making them an excellent choice for any build.

Ursa Furiosa Titan Gauntlets

Destiny 2 Ursa Furiosa Exotic Titan Gauntlets
The Ursa Furiosa gauntlets are a great pick for Sentinel Titans.

Even with the exotic changes coming in the Witch Queen, the Ursa Furiosa remains a solid exotic for Void Titans. The armor’s Ursine Guard perk allows you to move faster when guarding with your Super while converting any incoming damage into more Super energy after the ability expires.

Xur’s Legendary weapons and armor (October 29 – November 2)

Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost introduced a massive change to Xur’s age-old purpose. Beginning in Season 15, Xur now offers a selection of Legendary weapons and armor each week, alongside his typical exotics.

This selection adds a whole new dimension to Xur, and provides a chance to grab some weapons and armor sets you may have missed in past seasons. While unconfirmed, it appears Xur could even end up selling a select offering of Trials weapons, so make sure to check back each week to see what’s on offer.

When does Xur come to Destiny 2? Vendor weekly reset

Xur will move to a new location today in Destiny 2, (October 29) and will remain there until Tuesday, November 2. The Agent of the Nine disappears every Tuesday at reset, and won’t return until next Friday when he’ll show up like clockwork and offer Guardians some new gear — for a price.

While Xur’s choice of weapons and armor pieces rotates each week, he always has an exotic cipher quest available for players to pick up (unless they already have one active in their inventory that needs to be completed).

The exact process for finishing the quest can vary, but it involves completing a number of activities in Destiny 2’s three core playlists: Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit. If you’re desperate for a chance to recover an old weapon from the kiosk, you should grab this and knock it out.

So, there you have it. Everything you need to know about where Xur’s location is in Destiny 2, and what he’s offering this week.

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