TmarTn responds to claims that his CSGO skins website was “rigged”

. 1 year ago
TmarTn next to CSGO Lotto Logo

Popular YouTuber Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin has hit back at claims that his infamous CS:GO sweepstake website – abandoned back in 2016 over transparency issues – was “rigged” against its users. 

Despite four years having passed since TmarTn’s role in the CS:GO Lotto website, many members of the game’s community are still holding the discrepancies against the YouTuber.

He and fellow YouTuber Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassell promoted the website to their millions of followers, without disclosing the fact that they were behind it. Both men shared videos showing them winning big prizes through CS:GO Lotto, but it was then uncovered that Martin was the site’s President, with Cassell listed as Vice-President.

The fallout saw both YouTubers widely criticized for obfuscating their respective roles in the website. Questions were also raised over whether the website was promoting gambling to underage users.

Sydicate next to CSGO Lotto website
Syndicate was listed as vice-president of the CSGO Lotto website.

As proof that the issue is not completely dead and buried, Jake Lucky, self-described esports talk guy, posted a screenshot of TmarTn replying to a user on December 19. The user sarcastically thanked TmarTn for “stealing” his CS skins, to which Martin replied: “Guess you shouldn’t have wagered what you weren’t willing to lose!”

The post garnered the attention of John ‘BLU’ Mullen, a caster who is perhaps best known for his work on Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege, but has also casted CS:GO. He condemned TmarTn’s response, saying: “‘Guess you shouldn’t have gambled as a minor while I did nothing to restrict you from doing so on my rigged algorithm.’ What a piece of shit.”

Martin responded, stating that while he made “mistakes”, the website was never rigged against its users. “It wasn’t rigged. That was the point of my tweet. Criticize me all you want for not disclosing ownership, definitely a major mistake on my part. One I am deeply sorry for. Players had the right to know. But nothing was rigged, I’m not gonna stand for that slander.”

BLU accused TmarTn of “trying to act like the fact that it didn’t outright steal money absolves you.”

Martin replied again, saying: “I didn’t disclose that I was an owner. That’s a massive mistake on my end and definitely something our players should have been aware of. The site wasn’t rigged and no money was ‘stolen’. Do you have anything to back up your baseless claims?”

A number of other critical Tweets followed from other Twitter users, many of whom are still angry about the YouTuber’s role in the scandal.

TmarTn still boasts a large subscriber base across multiple YouTube channels, but his involvement in CSGO Lotto and subsequent apology attempt have stained his career permanently.

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