OpTic Gaming’s Karma Proves Once Again He is an FPS Master With Impressive CS:GO Clutch

Calum Patterson

Damon “Karma” Barlow, long time member of OpTic Gaming, is best known as a three time Call of Duty world champion – but his FPS skills go beyond just CoD or even console shooters.

Known to be one of the smartest and most tactical Call of Duty minds, his skills are clearly transferable to other shooters, as we have seen in the past with clips on Rainbow Six: Siege or PUBG in the past.

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But one of Karma’s other favorites is the legendary FPS Counter-Strike, a game that is not only tactically strenuous but also requires pinpoint accuracy.

And Karma isn’t be the first console Call of Duty player to also demonstrate skill on CS:GO with a keyboard and mouse, with notable Pro CS players such as Renegades Noah “Nifty” Francis or Australian player Oliver “DickStacy” Tierney coming from CoD backgrounds.

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Karma took a step back from professional Call of Duty last month, as he moved to a content oriented position within OpTic, streaming almost daily.

Now spending more time playing a variety of games, he is able to show off his transferable skills more often, such as this ridiculous ace clutch in CS match making.

After apparently being down 11 rounds to 3, Karma and his team battled back in the match, and this 1v5 ace from him kept their comeback hopes alive.

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This clutch is an even improvement over his already very impressive USP 4K clip from earlier this year, and is another example that Karma really is a master of shooters.

He has suggested he will look into a return to competitive Call of Duty upon the release of the upcoming Black Ops 4 title, but with plays like these we wouldn’t be surprised if he is eyeing up opportunities in other esports too.

You can watch Karma live on his Twitch channel where he streams almost daily.