My Hero Academia cosplayer transforms into sinister villain Overhaul

Alex Tsiaoussidis
My Hero Academia Overhaul Cosplay
Viz Media / Instagram: @emperorcosplay

Overhaul is a frighteningly powerful villain in My Hero Academia, but that didn’t stop a talented cosplayer from bringing him to life in incredible detail, which left his fans stunned.

Kai Chisaki, better known as Overhaul, is one of the most imposing villains in My Hero Academia. He believes Quirks are a blight on existence and infected people with grandiose ideas of being heroes and villains. For that reason, his goal is to return the world to how it was before they existed.

Overhaul’s Quirk, which bears the same name, allows him to manipulate matter. He can disassemble anything he touches and re-assemble it however he wants. It has the potential to kill people. However, it can also heal wounds, including his own.

My Hero Academia Overhaul Cosplay
Viz Media
Overhaul is the primary antagonist in My Hero Academia’s Shie Hassaikai Arc.

Overhaul wears a black shirt and pants with a grey tie and brown belt covered in a green bomber jacket with a purple fur collar. However, the most iconic parts of his outfit are the white medical gloves and burgundy-gold plague mask.

A brilliant cosplayer named MadX, who uses the handle emperorcosplay on Instagram, left his fans stunned after he re-created the outfit to perfection. He created the outfit himself from scratch, and his equally talented partner helped him with the plague mask.


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It’s always special to see an original piece because they’re all about innovation and creativity. No two pieces are the same, and although they often don’t look as refined as a purchased outfit, they’re organic and original.

MadX’s outfit captures the best of both worlds, though. It looks as good as it gets, and could easily be mistaken for an officially licensed costume. He even shared a second photo from a month earlier, which captures a different angle. 


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My Hero Academia cosplayers often dress up as their favorite heroes, which is great. However, it’s important to give the villains some love too, especially since their tragic lives and backstories are equally important in the storyline.

Overhaul isn’t a popular choice, but it’s nice to see him re-created so perfectly. MadX’s fans can’t get enough of this piece, and he deserves all the kind comments and likes he’s received.