TheStradman shames “delinquent” who vandalized his Lamborghini Aventador

Eli Becht
the stradman lamborghini aventador vandal
TheStradman - YouTube

Popular car YouTuber TheStradman responded to the teenager who took a picture on the hood of his Lamborghini Aventador.

A young man couldn’t help himself when he saw Stradman’s Aventador sitting unattended in a parking lot. He hopped up onto the hood and posed for a picture, which he then uploaded to Instagram and even tagged the YouTuber in it.

Obviously, Stradman didn’t see the humor in this and called out the vandal in his video on February 23. In the upload, he revealed the prankster ended up deleting the photo and apologized while offering to send over $500 for damages, but then reuploaded the image as his Instagram profile picture just days later.

TheStradman - YouTube
The popular YouTuber had a message for the vandal.

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While taking a picture on the hood of a car might seem like a harmless prank, there’s actually a lot that can go wrong, such as leaving scratches on the paint, and misaligning the parts, among other things.

“Some juvenile delinquent decided he needed to take a photo standing on top of my Lamborghini,” Stradman explained. “And then, he had the audacity to post it on Instagram, as you do, and he tagged me.”

Instagram: thestradman
TheStradman - YouTube
Stradman has a growing car collection.

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In his inspection for damage, he didn’t find anything too egregious, but he still called out the perpetrator and explained that a lot more could have gone wrong.

“Recently in the news, there were three kids caught standing on a Ferrari California and they cost $6,000 in damage,” he said. “When I was in high school, I didn’t have $6,000 and those kids are liable for that. Luckily, the kid here in Utah there’s no damages, so he’s kind of off the hook.”

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All things considered, the vandal got off quite light since he didn’t end up causing any sort of major damage. Based on what happened with the Ferrari, he’s extremely lucky he doesn’t have to shell out any money.

Stradman says he won’t be seeking any payment, and hopefully, his words will prevent anybody else out there from standing on the hood of a car for clout.