TheStradman reveals insane conversion of his Lamborghini Gallardo

Kieran Bicknell
TheStradman Twin Turbo Gallardo
YouTube: TheStradman

While twin-turbocharging a Lamborghini is nothing new, it is refreshing to see it done a little differently. YouTuber TheStradman has revealed his own personal twin-turbo Lamborghini Gallardo build, and it’s a stunner.

With so many turbo-converted Lamborghinis on YouTube, it’s possible to become a little desensitized to just how awesome they are. Thankfully, TheStradman has chosen to go a little old-school with his build, basing it upon a Lamborghini Gallardo rather than the more common Aventador or Huracan.

Built upon his orange Lamborghini Gallardo, the conversion has been carried out by B-rogue built in Chicago, IL and the result of the hard work is absolutely gorgeous.


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An art form on wheels

Converting a naturally-aspirated V12 engine is no mean feat, but the team at B-rogue seem to have turned it into an art form. Custom pie-cut exhausts sit centre stage, while burnt titanium exhaust tips give the rear of the car a flair that is missing when it rolled out of the factory.

Evidently excited by the prospect of the car nearing completion, TheStradman tells viewers that he “can’t help but smile … I’ve missed this car so, so much.”

Starting the car up, the insanely aggressive Lamborghini V10 sound is immediately apparent, though unfortunately, the car couldn’t be revved to the limiter. This is due to the turbos needing to be ‘broken in’ for around 100 miles, after which their full potential can be exploited.

Clip starts at 08:11

The build had been severely delayed due to outside influences that affected parts suppliers and even Lamborghini themselves. Thankfully it is now back on track, with TheStradman saying he expects it to be on the road “around October 8, give or take.”

Summing up the build so far, he calls the twin-turbo setup “mesmerizing.. a piece of art!” To ensure the artwork remains on display, the plan is to create a one-off clear rear bumper section to showcase the stunning twin-turbo pipework and setup.

Hopefully the finished result will be worth the wait; With only a few weeks left to go, there will likely be more updates on TheStradman’s channel as the build nears completion.