Stradman’s Veyron embarrassed by $2m SSC ‘Megacar’

Kieran Bicknell
Stradman Bugatti SSC Drag Race
YouTube: TheStradman

Since buying his Bugatti Veyron, YouTuber TheStradman has been planning a head-t0-head race. In his September 24 video, his wish finally came true, but not with the results he was hoping for.

Having purchased his first-ever $1m hypercar in the form of a 2008 Bugatti Veyron, YouTuber TheStradman – real name James – had been itching to race it.

The problem was finding a contender that gave the 1001hp Veyron a fair fight. Well, it turns out that Stradman got far more than he bargained for in the form of the SSC Tuatara.

Costing almost $2 million, the SSC Tuatara is labeled as a ‘megacar.’ Sitting atop the automotive hierarchy, the Tuatara is a mind-bending ultimate speed machine.

TheStradman and SSC Tuatara
YouTube: TheStradman
They had full use of an active runway while filming the drag race between the Veyron and Tuatara.

“Never in a million years”

Powered by a 5.9l twin-turbo V8 engine, the Tuatara trumps the Bugatti’s power output by a significant margin. Putting down 1,350hp through the rear wheels, the “alien spaceship” Tuatara is one of the fastest cars on the planet.

With Stradman himself calling it “the hypercar to dethrone all hypercars” it was clear from the outset that the Tuatara would be more than a match for the Veyron. “I don’t really have an ego, I know that Tuarata is going to wallop me” said Stradman.

Having an open runway to work with means that both of these automotive giants could be put head-to-head in a safe environment. With James clearly gushing over the SSC, he was “literally getting chills” as he “never thought in a million years (he’d) be filming this video.”

When it came time for the two cars to go head-to-head, it made for an interesting race. Initially, the Bugatti had the SSC off the line, and it looked like Stradman was in with a chance of winning.

“One of the coolest things I’ve ever witnessed”

Unfortunately for him, once the SSC was past “100 or so” it managed to gain complete traction on the runway and sped off into the distance in dramatic fashion. The Bugatti eventually reached 242mph, but was unable to catch the Tuatara.

Despite losing in dramatic fashion, Strad said that their race was “one of the coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life.” Clearly not upset with losing, he said it was “cool to be a part of history” as this was the first time the Tuatara had ever been in a drag race.

If Stradman’s previous history is anything to go by, don’t be too surprised if we see him start to chase extra power from the Veyron’s insane W16 engine soon.