Stradman and Burlacher reveal the “number one rule” of supercar rallies

Kieran Bicknell
YouTube: Burlacher

Taking part in the 2020 ‘Cars 4 Kids’ Rally, YouTubers TheStradman and Burlacher have revealed what they believe to be the number one rule of Supercar Rally participation.

Supercar rallies are the ultimate adventure for exotic car owners. Bringing together the best supercars and hypercars from across the country, rallies are a great experience for drivers and passengers alike.

In his September 24 video, Burlacher and Stradman revealed some of their ‘key rules’ for a successful supercar rally. From basics like eating to not crashing your friends Ferrari, they had just about every base covered.

Burlacher and Stradman in Ferrari 458
YouTube: Burlacher
According to Burlacher, there are a number of ‘rules’ to ensure you have a great experience on a Supercar rally.

Be sure to fill up on snacks

With Stradman piloting the Ferrari 458, Burlacher takes his subscribers through the ‘rules’ of rallies. Starting off with the basics, he was quick to point out that fuel, snacks, and walkie-talkies are all necessities to ensure the trip goes as smoothly as possible.

For a passenger, taking in the view is “essential,” while if you find yourself stuck on a canyon road behind traffic, be sure not to pass until it’s legal. In typical Stradman style, however, that rule was very quickly broken: “We just broke rule number 9, I just talked about it… and we broke it. I’m sorry”

Burlacher’s ‘rule 12’ is an obvious one while driving, and that’s making sure the car has enough fuel. Not only does the car need to be fueled, but so does the driver; ‘rule 13’ takes care of that – fill up on snacks.

“You don’t even know where you’re going to end”

Explaining how rallies work, Burlacher says “you know where you start.. [but] you don’t even know where you’re going to end. You just follow cars!” His ‘rule 72’ is also extremely important: “If the driver of the rally asks you if you wanna drive… you’re forced to say yes.”

With Burlacher behind the wheel, the second-most-important rule of all comes into effect: “Don’t crash your friends Ferrari!”

So with millions of dollars worth of cars around, gorgeous scenery, and miles and miles of open tarmac, what is the most important rule? According to Burlacher, rule number one of any supercar rally is to “remember to go to the bathroom before you leave!”