ZooMaa hits out at ‘snaking’ allegations at CDL Seattle

. 2 years ago
New York Subliners/Infinity Ward

New York Subliners’ SMG star Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto has hit back at ‘snaking’ allegations, following his side’s victory of Seattle Surge at the ongoing CDL Seattle. 

Day 1 of CDL Seattle saw the New York Subliners overcome the Seattle Surge, as the west coast roster’s struggles continue. Despite Seattle taking a map off the Subliners, the series was fairly straightforward for ZooMaa’s squad.

ZooMaa himself starred in the win, particularly in the series-ending Map 4, a hardpoint on St Petrograd. The ex-FaZe Clan star put together a dominant streak while defending restaurant, but some viewers were quick to accuse the 24-year-old of ‘snaking’.

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Katy Eyre / ESPAT Media
New York are still struggling for consistent wins in the CDL.

‘Snaking’ is when a player goes prone and then stands up rapidly, usually behind cover of some kind. This makes them a difficult target to hit, all while being able to return fire at their opponents. While not as influential in Modern Warfare as it has been in past CoD titles, some viewers argued it is still being exploited after watching ZooMaa.

ZooMaa, however, hit back at these allegations: “People talking about snaking… What do people want me to do when I’m one shot and have to reload, stand on the f**king desk? Also, the whole damn league snakes, get over it. Snake or be snaked I’ve accepted that, not my problem.”

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To defend ZooMaa even more, Seattle’s Apathy, one of the players on the receiving end of the ‘snaking’, commented: “you are good bro, everyone abuses this sh*t now”.

Snaking has been a significant topic in previous CoD titles, no more so than in Infinite Warfare or WWII, where both developers actually released patches in an attempt to nerf it.

Whether similar changes are on their way in Modern Warfare remains unclear, but some viewers seem unhappy with its viability in a competitive setting.

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