YouTuber StraightUpKnives Hits Insane Throwing Knife Kill on Modern Warfare 3 He Thought Wasn’t Possible

Calum Patterson

Twitch streamer and YouTuber StraightUpKnives hit an insane throwing knife kill after years of trying and believing it was not possible.

The 2012 Call of Duty title Modern Warfare 3 was the last in the Modern Warfare trilogy, and a fan favorite in the CoD franchise, meaning when it was made backwards compatible on Xbox One recently, fans were instantly back on the classic game.

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StraightUpKnives was previously best known for his Call of Duty content on YouTube, but more recently moved on to games like Pokémon Go and Fortnite.

But with MW3 launching backwards compatibility, he was back on his old game of choice, and playing the party game mode ‘All or Nothing’.

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The mode equips players with only a USP .45, a tactical knife and a throwing knife. All players are also stuck with the same perks – Hardline, Extreme Conditioning and Stalker.

The first to hit 20 kills wins the game, and just as StraightUpKnives was tied with 19 kills almost every player in the lobby going for extravagant throwing knife final kills, he pulled off one he had been trying “forever”.

“So, if we hit it, we’ll see, I don’t know that it’s entirely possible – I’ve been going for it forever, and I don’t remember ever hitting it.”

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So, it turns out that it was in fact possible. The game winning kill quickly went viral after being posted to Reddit, which seemed to surprise StraightUpKnives himself.

With the buzz that MW3 has generated since becoming backwards compatible, the rumors that the next Call of Duty entry in the series (after Black Ops 4) will be MW4 in 2019 seems even more likely.

While there is no confirmation of any kind yet, a number of members of the original Infinity Ward development team have returned to the studio to work on the 2019 CoD entry.