Treyarch preview brand new ‘Militia’ multiplayer map in Black Ops 4

Albert Petrosyan

Treyarch have released yet another video previewing one of the new multiplayer maps that will be in Black Ops 4, this one being called ‘Militia.’

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The video showcasing this new map was posted on Treyarch’s official Twitter page on October 4.

The map appears to be located in a forest, and there are several structures that would normally be found on a farm, such as several barns and a watermill.

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Here is the official in-game description of Milita, as provided by Treyarch in the video:

Anti-government extremists backed covertly by a Russian cell are stockpiling weaponry in a remote region of Alaskan wilderness near the Bering Strait.

The video not only provides an in-depth look at the interior and exterior areas of the map, it also includes the mini-map layout that players will see in-game.

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Militia is the second map to be showcased in a video today; the remastered version of the popular of the popular Slums map from Black Ops 2 was also shown earlier on October 4.

Overall, with the reveal of Militia and Slums, the confirmed number of maps that will be available in Black Ops 4 when the game launches on October 12 is now up to 14.

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Militia is the eight map to be previewed in the days leading up to the game’s release, as Treyarch have been releasing similar videos for all of the multiplayer maps that had not been playable during the beta testing weekends in August.

The other seven map preview videos that have been released so far can be viewed below: