The XclusiveAce explains why the Ghost perk is nearly useless in Black Ops 4

YouTuber The XclusiveAce offered a scathing review of the Ghost perk in Black Ops 4.

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He didn’t beat around the bush and started the video by saying “I’m gonna tell you right up front, [the ghost perk] is generally not worth it at all and this is the worst ghost perk we have ever seen in a Call of Duty game.”

What makes this perk so much worse in Black Ops 4 comes down to movement speed.

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In previous games, players had to be moving for Ghost to make them undetectable to UAVs but that movement speed was low.

Players could even be strafing while looking down the sight of a gun and ghost would be active, now they must be sprinting which is effectively impossible to do for large portions of the time.

 Ace explains the shortcomings of the perk in better detail in the video below:

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He makes a great point in that if a player really wants to not appear on a UAV, that class point being spent on Ghost could be spent on a launcher, which can shoot down the UAV.

Ace says he has switched out Ghost on every single one of his classes, usually in favor of a launcher, and recommends everyone else does the same unless Ghost is buffed in a future balance patch.