Team Kaliber’s Kenny Explains Why the Team Doesn’t Need a Coach

Ross Deason

Team Kaliber’s Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams has shared his thoughts on coaches in competitive Call of Duty and explained why his team doesn’t need one.

Team Kaliber had a stellar start to the Call of Duty: WWII season, surprising everyone except themselves by claiming the title at the first event of the year, CWL Dallas.

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The team went on to back that performance up with yet another win at CWL New Orleans but other teams gradually started to catch up and TK was eventually forced to make changes as they tried to stay in touch.

CWL Anaheim took place from June 15th – 17th and was the first open event that TK played at with Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt. A 9th – 12th finish left them scratching their heads and Kenny soon took to Twitter to discuss potential role swaps within the team (some more serious than others).

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This sparked a conversation about coaches that included Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler and eUnited’s Matthew ‘Burns’ Potthoff, but Kenny made it clear that getting a coach on TK isn’t a current consideration.

Responding to NAMELESS’ question about whether the team is against having a coach, Kenny said that they aren’t but that they don’t see “what a coach can do that the players shouldn’t already be doing”.

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The 18 year old went on to explain that the team already rewatch all of their VODs and discuss what they are doing right or wrong.

He also comments on some of the criticism that Enable receives for his Search and Destroy play, saying that he doesn’t see what a coach could tell him that would improve it.

Kenny goes into more detail in a later response, saying that Enable’s struggles in Search and Destroy are not down to skill and that the former FaZe and Evil Geniuses star listens and gives his input when it comes to the team’s tactics.