Rise Nation Win CWL Anaheim Open Beating Red Reserve In a Close Grand Final

Calum Patterson

Rise Nation won their third major open event of the CoD: WWII season, beating out Red Reserve in the grand final at CWL Anaheim.

Red Reserve put up a valiant effort, forcing a second best of five, but Rise remained composed an once again solidified themselves as the best team in the game.

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Red Reserve started strongly, taking map one in fairly dominant fashion on Valkyrie hardpoint, as Thomas “TJHaLy” Haly struggled for Rise.

Map two, search and destroy on Ardennes was closer, but Red eventually closed it out after throwing away numerous rounds that they should have won.

Capture the flag was even closer, going to overtime after a last gasp cap from Red Reserve. Rise struck first in OT, and prevented a comeback from Red Reserve to push it to a fourth map.

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Red Reserve quickly regained focus however, and on Ardennes Forest hardpoint opened up a big lead early on that despite Rise’s best efforts they could not overcome, forcing a second best of five.

The first map of the second series was close till the very end, but Red Reserve ultimately edged it out on Saint Marie hardpoint. Rise proved they were still the better SnD team however, closing it out 6-4.

Back on Flak Tower CTF, Rise once again came out on top, but it was a narrow win once again, taking it 3-2 and just preventing Red from tying it up in the closing moments.

A nailbiting Hardpoint was eventually won out by Rise Nation, after TJHaLy earned multiple streaks and helped his side close it out 250-246.

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If Rise can keep up their current form, they will be heavy favorites for the Stage Two playoffs and the World Championship in August.

Red Reserve will be heartbroken by the loss, but can take a lot of confidence from the performance across the weekend. Rise go home with $80,000, and Red take $48,000 for their runners up placing.

Watch our interview with Rise Nations Daniel “Loony” Loza and Thomas “TJHaLy” Haly, immediately after their third big win of the season.