OpTic’s Scump explains why playing with ZooMaa helped their CoD team

Alan Bernal

While the heading into Fort Worth.

OpTic have been without Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell since the start of the CWL due to visa issues, but the Greenwall hopes he won’t be out of the roster for much longer.

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Dashy is expected to rejoin his team for the next CWL Event.

According to Scump, even though OpTic is currently fielding a team without its best player, the results they’ve managed to acquire in the absence of Dashy have the team feeling good about what’s to come.

“I think we [performed] as good as we possibly could with our situation,” Scump said. “I think if you do that to any other team it’s probably not gonna be a 4-3. So to do that with us it also boosted our confidence knowing that we can do that without our best player (Dashy).”

(Timestamp at 9:09 for mobile viewers)

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As OpTic Gaming gets prepared for the first CWL event in 2019, the team is hopeful that Dashy will be able to rejoin the team and bring it back to full strength.

The thought of a complete OpTic lineup with its full firepower on display is a sweet thought for a motivated Scump.

“I think [playing without Dashy] helped our confidence. We can take these top teams who are Top 6, with me on Automatic (rifles) all the time… I think it’s gonna be a problem cause once we get Dashy back we’re gonna be hungry to show people that were beating us in the league that now you’re fucked…,” Scump said.

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Now that Dashy is ever closer to returning to the lineup, Scump is looking forward to possibly going back-to-back when CWL Fort Worth begins on March 15.