Octane Explains Why He Thinks Luminosity Have Struggled With FormaL On the Roster

Calum Patterson

Former Luminosity player, Sam “Octane” Larew, discussed briefly why his former team have struggled in the CWL Pro League, since he was replaced on the roster by Matthew “FormaL” Piper.

Octane moved to OpTic Gaming in a straight swap for FormaL mid way through the 2018 WWII season, but one team has faired considerably better than the other since the transfer.

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Luminosity’s performance took an immediate dip after the trade, but many fans and even the players themselves attributed it to having to ‘relearn’ the game as a team.

As their performances have continued to be poor however, failing to qualify for the Stage Two playoffs, Octane believes it comes down to FormaL not being the most suitable replacement for him on the team.

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During a desk segment at the MLG Arena, Octane was asked by host Rich Campbell where he thought it was going wrong for his previous teammates.

“I think they had just such a slow start, that you get that ‘we need to win’ mentality. Sometimes it’s good, depending on the team, but if you have that in the back of your head that ‘if we lose this, we are done for’, then that can kill a team. I think that’s what happened.”

He also affirms that because FormaL’s play style as an AR is so different to his own, the replacement was not best suited to Luminosity.

“It had to have been [that reason]. I left the team, and they declined.”

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Octane later took to Twitter to explain that he misspoke slightly and didn’t completely finish his thought, saying “I didn’t mean it like that.”

Whatever LG’s issues, they now have less than a month to do their best to resolve them, before the World Championship begins on August 15.

Despite their Pro League performance, they have shown they are capable of playing well in a tournament setting, managing 3rd place at the last major open, CWL Anaheim – OpTic placed 5-6th.

If they can find the momentum they conjured up at Anaheim and fine tune their mistakes, they undoubtedly still have a talented enough roster to go very far at Champs.