New Game Update Released for CoD: WWII – July 2nd Patch Notes

Sledgehammer Games has released a major update in celebration of the July 4th Independence Day in the United States.

A new Community event, four new weapons, a Community Challenge and a new Ranked play season have all come to Call of Duty: WWII on Monday, July 2nd.

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In addition to the new content, a number of fixes and adjustments are coming to WW2 as well. No, trees are not being added to Ardennes Forest.

Sledgehammer took to the WW2 subreddit to post all the changes coming to the game, which you can also find below.

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Of note for competitive players, CWL Team Camos will be available on LAN, allowing pros to wear their team skins during Pro League matches. This could make it easier for viewers to follow along and potentially improve the CWL match experience.

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July 2nd Patch Notes


Connectivity/Spawns/Performance/Split Screen/Mechanics

  • Fixed functionality issues experienced when restarting the game after backing out to a previous menu
  • Fixed split screen issue where players would get stuck while viewing another player using a mounted LMG
  • Fixed issue where players would crash when trying to load into MP after idling for 5 minutes
  • Fixed issue where CWL Team Pack Weapon Camos were locked in LAN


  • Fixed issue where players were receiving memory error messages when attempting to load into Gibraltar
  • Fixed wall exploit in Valkyrie


  • Fixed split screen issue where players would crash in between rounds of a War Mode match
  • Implemented AFK timer for Infected


  • Fixed Paintshop menu issues caused by the Combat Knife
  • Fixed display issues with Paintjobs on the Fire Axe
  • Fixed functionality loss issue experienced when players tab to the Contracts option in Quartermaster


  • Various UI fixes and improvements (typos, text descriptions, error messages, notification icons, AAR
  • Fixed issue where white background was appearing in Match selection menus
  • Fixed issue where incorrect Uniform was showing up when players selected a Helmet



  • Fixed issue where shotguns loaded with Incendiary Shells were disappearing when players were killed
  • Adjusted angle at which Mortar Strikes and Artillery Barrage fire, so that these streaks’ paths behave as expected


  • Fixed issue where switch Cavalry to another Division would cause players to have 2 Primary Weapons


  • Various UI fixes and improvements (Camouflage menus, subtitles, supply drop icons, timers, AAR, typos, prompt messages, Jack in the Box cards)
  • Fixed UI issue with chapter progress boxes in split screen
  • Fixed issue in The Tortured Path with Geist Bomb steps in Sword of Barbarossa
  • Fixed UI issue where Special Camos were unlocked and appearing twice in menus
  • Fixed UI issue in The Tortured Path where incorrect wave number was displayed in AAR after players failed an objective wave
  • Fixed issue where players’ progression on The Tortured Path was being interrupted by playlist updates