Modern Warfare exploit guarantees easy wins in Search & Destroy

Andy Williams

A unique Modern Warfare exploit has been uncovered, which literally allows players to turn a planted bomb into a meat grinder — making it almost impossible for an enemy to defuse in Search & Destroy.

Search & Destroy is a game of wits. Getting a tactical advantage on your opposite number will more often than not put you in a favorable position to win a round.

While pros at the highest level will put on all kinds of strategic masterclasses to get one up on their enemies, there are other ways of making life extremely difficult for your opponent — and no, we’re not talking about loadout manipulation.

One eagle-eyed YouTuber has discovered an exploit in Modern Warfare which will essentially turn an active bomb into the most dangerous ‘player’ on the server. Here’s how it’s done.

Player shooting in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
No need for shooting, when have Throwing Knives in your arsenal…

Throwing Knives are your best friend

Saeroi aptly named this exploit ‘The Blender’ — and for good reason. Before getting into the nitty-gritty, you’ll need to ensure that you have a loadout with Throwing Knives as your Lethal Equipment and a Trophy System as your Field Upgrade.

The crux of this exploit is to turn a planted bomb into a floating meat grinder. To get started, place a Trophy System where you want to plant the bomb. Second, plant the bomb on top of the Trophy System to make it float above the ground.

Next, walk into the bomb and throw your knives perpendicular to the bomb, where they’ll start spinning as if they were rotating through the air. Finally, destroy the Trophy System so the bomb is floating in mid-air. That’s it, it’s that simple.

Any enemies running through the bomb will immediately get tagged by the Throwing Knife as if it was being hurled towards them — meaning instant death.

Unless the enemies are savvy to the exploit — and avoid getting too close to the bomb — this will make it nigh on impossible for them to defuse before the explosive detonates. So while your team is attacking, this is an easy round win.

Of course, Infinity Ward will likely catch wind of the exploit in due course, and as such, will likely issue out a patch as a hotfix. So if you’re looking to give your enemies a puzzle that they can’t solve, this exploit wouldn’t go a miss.