Japanese Casters React in Disbelief to Insane Wallbang in CoD: WWII by Rush Gaming

Ngt of Rush Gaming had an insane wallbang during the Japanese Pro League, but the reactions of the casters made the moment even better.

Rush and SunSister were playing Search and Destroy on London Docks in Round 5, with the score tied at 2 rounds a piece.

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Ngt of Rush spotted an enemy and fired, but the player managed to get to safety.

Since that area of London Docks has a narrow path to escape, Ngt crossed his fingers and fired through the wall. He landed the wallbang and the casters could not believe what they just saw.

There may be a language barrier, but excited reactions to Call of Duty plays are universal.

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SunSister would go on to win the round and the Search map despite Ngt’s wallbang, though Rush would recover to take the series.

The Japanese Pro League Grand Finals will take place on September 22 at the Tokyo Game Show. Rush Gaming is currently one game out of the playoff spot at 6-2, while SunSister is winless through 8 matches.

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Rush Gaming made history earlier in the competitive season when they won the CoD Japan Championship and qualified for CWL Anaheim.

Anaheim did not go well for the first Japanese team to compete on NA soil, placing top 80 after going 1-2 in the Open Bracket, but their appearance in a CWL event was a milestone for the growing Japanese competitive scene.