Italian and German Call of Duty Teams to Miss Out on Last Chance Qualifier

Two European teams are facing last minute issues ahead of the CWL Last Chance Qualifier and will be unable to attend the event.

Italian team iDomina and an unrepresented German side are vacating their spots in the qualification tournament for the Call of Duty Championships.

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Iviano, Genesis, Phantom and SteLios won the German National Circuit to qualify for the LCQ, but one of the players received an unexpected opportunity to go back to university.

The player will be returning to school instead of attending the qualifier, leaving the squad unable to field four players.

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The German team received a fully funded trip to the LCQ as a result of their National Circuit victory, but were still looking for an organization to represent them for the event.

German CoD fans may have lost their LCQ representative team, but the international mixed roster of Black Forest Games features a German player in Sharko. Black Forest qualified for the event through pro points.

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Italian team iDomina will also be forced to miss the LCQ after running into visa issues with their players.

iDomina won the Italian National Circuit without dropping a single map, going 6-0 with an 18-0 map count in Stage 4. They picked up two 3-0 sweeps in the playoffs to win their trip to the LCQ.

It is not known how many players are facing visa issues in the Italian side, but interestingly enough, the German player going back to school would like to see a travel eligible Italian take his place.

With the LCQ happening on July 24, it is unlikely roster swaps or travel arrangements for new teams can be completed in time. MLG and the CWL have not commented on bracket changes that may happen due to 30 teams competing instead of 32.