Gunless Reveals How Pokimane Inspired Him to Win CWL Anaheim

Calum Patterson

Rise Nation’s Pierce “Gunless” Hillman won the MVP award after leading his side to victory at CWL Anaheim, and has revealed how streamer Pokimane inspired him to win his third championship of the season.

It all started when FaZe Clan player Tommy “ZooMaa” Paparatto attended the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament at E3, where he met Pokimane as she was competing in the event.

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Knowing Gunless was a big fan of Pokimane, ZooMaa took his opportunity and asked her to send a message telling him she wishes he was there.

Pokimane obliged and so ZooMaa uploaded the video to Twitter with the message “I got you Gunless” – and this was all he needed to get the motivation to dominate the competition at Anaheim.

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During the most recent episode of Hot Mic to kick off the remaining matches for Division B at the CWL Pro League, Gunless explained how it went down, and how it fired him up for the tournament.

“I was passed out on my bed, for like 30 minutes. [TJHaLy] walks in, and he’s like ‘check your phone real quick’.

I listened to it, looked at TJ, smile on my face and everything and was like ‘we won.’ Just give me the trophy, you just made me win the event.”

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Of course, Gunless and Rise did win, as well as picking up the MVP trophy – so clearly whatever it sparked inside him paid off as he dominated the entire CWL Anaheim event.

Pokimane is a popular Twitch streamer, known for playing League of Legends and more recently became very well known for Fortnite too. She is also an Anime fan – something in common with Gunless.

Who knows how long Gunless has been an admirer, but maybe one day we will see these two meet up in person – and then it really will be all over for the competition.