FaZe Clan’s Attach Smashes His Controller During WWII Ranked Play Rage

Attach competing for FaZe Clan.

Sometimes a controller can find itself in the line of fire after something frustrating happens in-game, as shown by Dillon ‘Attach’ Price of FaZe Clan.

The world of Ranked Play in Call of Duty: WWII can often prove to be one of the most unpredictable areas for players of all skill levels, with the game mode having the ability to bring out a wide range of emotions for those who attempt to rise through the tiers.

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Attach, a veteran of the competitive CoD scene and a 2015 World Champion, appeared to have gotten swept up in the Ranked Play distress after losing a 1v1 gunfight in the middle of the map on Sainte Marie Du Mont Hardpoint.

He proceeded to spike his controller down on the ground in a fit of rage after dying, causing him to go off-screen soon after in order to retrieve it.

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Especially with streaming becoming so commonplace within the esports world over the course of recent years, fans and viewers have witnessed players take their anger out in a collection of ways on various forms of equipment.

Luckily for Attach, he revealed that his controller survived the impact and allowed him to finish out the match.

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FaZe Clan will be gearing up for the $500,000 CWL Pro League Stage Two Playoffs, which take place between July 27 and July 29.

More content like this can be found on Attach’s official Twitch stream.