FaZe Clan Upsets OpTic Gaming in Round One of the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs

Joe O'Brien

FaZe Clan stunned OpTic Gaming with a 3-2 victory in round one of the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.

The first round of the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs featured a rematch of the Stage 1 grand finals between OpTic and FaZe, and once again it was FaZe Clan that pulled off the upset.

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OpTic Gaming came out hot in Hardpoint, cruising to a 250-181 win on London Docks to draw first blood in the series. Search and Destroy was very much FaZe Clan’s territory, however, with the same map playing host to a crushing 6-2 victory for the team in red, with FaZe taking five rounds before even allowing OpTic their first.

The crucial map was a third consecutive London Docks, this time playing Capture the Flag. FaZe Clan came up clutch with a 3-1 victory, guaranteeing at least a fifth map, and a chance to close things out in Search and Destroy.

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A dominant game for Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni on Sainte Marie du Mont helped to lock in an even more dominant Hardpoint victory than the first for OpTic, forcing the first game five of the day in the final series.

The last map of this series was the most intense of the day, with OpTic and FaZe trading blows all the way to a round eleven. There, it was James ‘Replays’ Crowder who came up clutch, a well-placed Artillery helping to seal the deal for FaZe Clan.

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FaZe Clan advances to the winner bracket semi-finals, where they will face Team Kaliber. OpTic Gaming meanwhile, still searching for a big result with their new roster, will now be battling through the lower bracket, starting with Unilad in round one.

FaZe Clan 3-2 OpTic Gaming

HP London Docks 181-250

SND London Docks 6-2

CTF London Docks 3-1

HP Sainte Marie du Mont 250-103

SND Valkyrie 6-5