FaZe Clan to field second Call of Duty roster under FaZe Black for CWL Vegas [CONFIRMED]

. 3 years ago

UPDATE – December 6, 2018 (2:10pm EST)

FaZe Clan has officially announced FC Black along with the CWL Vegas roster.

Rumors are spreading of a potential return of the iconic ‘FaZe Black’ name for CWL Vegas, as FaZe Clan are speculated to be fielding an amateur team in addition to their main lineup.

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FaZe Clan’s main roster, led by long time members like Dillon ‘Attach’ Price and Tommy ‘ZooMaa’ Paparatto, may not be the only players representing FaZe at the first event of the Black Ops 4 season, if rumors turn out to be accurate.

The most recent CWL 2K winning team, consisting of Tanner ‘Mosh’ Clark, Timothy ‘Phantomz’ Landis, Paul ‘Tisch’ Tischer, Thomas ‘GRVTY’ Malin and ‘Asim’, are yet to announce an organization for CWL Vegas.

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However, ‘Asim’ confirmed on Twitter that the roster had signed with a team, and were waiting to making the official announcement – which is said to be FaZe Black.

According to Twitter account @CODBurnerIntel (created to share updates from the infamous rostermania leaker ‘CoDBurner’), FaZe Black will be recruiting this open bracket team.

This rumor was later bolstered by the appearance of the name ‘FC Black’ on the official Open Winners Bracket on the MLG website, ahead of CWL Vegas, spotted by Reddit user u/pottsy3.

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One of the players, ‘GRVTY’, has been close friends with FaZe Clan player James ‘Crowder’ Crowder (formerly Replays), and so it is possible a good word has been put in by his friend.

Adding more fuel to the speculation was a response from FaZe Clan’s Attach, following Asim’s post that they were announced their organization for Vegas soon. Attach simply replies ‘I wonder who it is’.

One slight complicating factor is that organizations are not permitted to have two teams competing in the CWL Pro League, so if both the main FaZe roster and this up and coming team were to qualify, the FaZe Black team would need to look for new representation.

Pro League teams in the 2019 season must also select one substitute player, meaning that even if this roster was to miss out on the Pro League, FaZe may look to keep one of the players on as their sub.

This is all speculation at this point, with an official announcement still to come from the CWL 2K winning team.

FC Black 

  • Thomas ‘GRVTY’ Malin
  • Paul ‘Tisch’ Tischler
  • Timothy ‘Phantomz’ Landis
  • Tanner ‘Mosh’ Clark
  • ‘GstaAsim’
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