eUnited Dispatches UNILAD To Advance in CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs Lower Bracket

Joe O'Brien

eUnited has eliminated UNILAD to advance in the lower bracket of the CWL Pro League Stage 2 Playoffs.

UNILAD stunned OpTic Gaming with an upset in the first round of the lower bracket, but their run ended in the next round with a 1-3 defeat at the hands of eUnited.

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Coming off of a loss to Team Kaliber in the winner bracket, eUnited hit the ground running against UNILAD, putting in a comfortable 250-165 win on London Docks Hardpoint to kick the series off.

UNILAD were quick to respond with a dominant win of their own, however, cruising to a 6-2 victory on Sainte Marie du Mont Search and Destroy to tie the series up. Ardennes Forest saw the two teams trading flags for much of the third map, but towards the end it was eUnited who pulled away to reclaim the series lead.

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Unfortunately for UNILAD, a return to Hardpoint put eUnited back on comfortable ground. Ardennes Forest HP was an even more convincing win for eUnited, who were in control throughout on the way to a 250-135 final score, ending the series 3-1.

After an impressive season, UNILAD’s Stage 2 ends here, with a 5/6 finish. eUnited moves on to the lower bracket semi-final, where they will meet Red Reserve.

eUnited 3-1 UNILAD

HP London Docks 250-165

SND Sainte Marie du Mont 2-6

CTF Ardennes Forest 4-2

HP Ardennes Forest 250-135