Enable & Pacman: Why Simp and aBeZy are the perfect duo in CDL 2021

Jacob Hale
Simp abezy enable and pacman call of duty league

Atlanta FaZe are the CDL 2021 Stage 1 Major champions, and they are absolutely stomping the competition. Reverse Sweep’s Enable and Pacman believe the Tiny Terrors are the key — and the perfect complement to each other.

At the Major, FaZe plowed through Dallas Empire in an 8-2 map count across the Winners Final and Grand Final. It was nothing short of a blowout, and a real eye-opener for Dallas’ 2020 world championship-winning team.

There’s no denying that while Atlanta has a seriously impressive team across the board, the duo of Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr and Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris have been as phenomenal as ever.

Voted MVP in our Team of the Week following the Stage 1 Major, Simp was lights out in the final — but the Reverse Sweep crew believe aBeZy makes him even better.

simp atlanta faze cdl
Atlanta FaZe are hoping to one-up their 2020 standings and become world champions this year.

During the Reverse Sweep review show after the Major, Enable and Pacman discussed the Tiny Terrors with host Katie Bedford. They explain why the duo are so perfect for each other, and how their plays complement one another.

After talking about the MVP, Enable says that he’s not sure he’s ever seen a more complete player. While Pacman can’t deny the young star’s dominance, he believes that aBeZy makes it that much easier for him.

“ABeZy’s the best entry man in the game, and is perfect for everything Simp does on the map, which is pretty much everything else,” Pacman said. “[aBeZy] gives him the information on the map, and then Simp is the best at using that information to the best of his ability.”

Enable agrees with Pac’s point, noting that aBeZy is “more methodical” and this provides exactly what Atlanta needs from him, especially as a hyper-aggressive entry sub.

Obviously, the two work very well together, hence why they’ve chosen to team for so long, and rarely (if ever) have a bad event.

The question is, what would these two look like without each other? Could either be as dominant as they are without the other? We imagine the other CDL teams are dying to know.