Enable & Pacman: Scump getting his mojo back helped OpTic “through the rough patch”

Brad Norton
Scump in the Call of Duty League
Call of Duty League

Despite a rough showing in Stage 2 Week 2 of the 2021 Call of Duty League season, OpTic Chicago has already rebounded in the eyes of our Reverse Sweep crew. Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker, and Katie Bedford discuss how important it was for Seth ‘Scump’ Abner to get his mojo back.

Stage 2 saw the biggest slump yet for the Green Wall. Throughout Week 2, OpTic failed to win a single map against Minnesota and Florida, dropping them to fifth in the Group B standings. One more loss at the LA Guerrillas Home Series and they would have been starting the Stage 2 Major in the Losers bracket.

While the slump could be pinned on individual players or even specific game modes, it didn’t last long. Just one week later and OpTic came out firing on all cylinders to sweep Seattle and take down Dallas. This was “exactly what they needed to do,” Enable argued.

In light of a major bump in the road, they were able to turn things around faster than most would have predicted. “Usually when that happens, it takes a little more time,” Pacman said. But thanks in large part to Scump’s regain, “we can look back at it now and just say, that was a bad couple of days.”

Having tweeted that he may have “lost his mojo” for a brief stretch, Scump revealed he was indeed in a “major slump.” Helping lead the scene for the better part of a decade now, downturns like these are to be expected, according to Enable.

“When you compete for such a long time, it gets repetitive,” the veteran explained. “It can become stale. “For Seth, he’s one of the greatest Call of Duty players of all time. He has so much going for him, he’s the biggest Call of Duty player in the League.”

Put simply, Scump doesn’t “have to compete.”

“He’s already made his career, his legacy, he has enough money to do whatever he wants. For him, it just comes down to having fun and wanting to get on every day.”

After a rough showing in Week 2, a fire has clearly been lit. Throughout the following two matchups, Scump was able to “get his mojo back.”

Rapidly turning things around against Seattle and Dallas, Scump “showed his resilience,” Enable added. He helped them avoid the Losers Bracket start and “they looked good doing it,” Pacman said.

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Call of Duty League
Scump may have been in a slump but Stage 2 has seen a major turnaround from the King.

OpTic just fell short in a nail-biting series against Toronto to kick off the Major. Despite this close loss, Enable firmly believes “they’re gonna be on that upward trend again.”

If they keep the momentum rolling through the lower bracket, “who knows… Maybe they’ll even get a first Major win.”

Be sure to keep on top of everything in the Stage 2 Major as we bring you the latest results and highlights.