Enable & Pacman predict who could upset FaZe at CDL Stage 2 Major

Theo Salaun
cdl reverse sweep enable pacman upset faze stage 2 major
Dexerto / Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League’s Stage 2 Major is underway and no fan brackets are safe during the $500,000 tournament. During the latest episode of Reverse Sweep, Enable and Pacman broke down who could be FaZe’s toughest challenge.

The Atlanta FaZe are widely, understandably considered to be the favorites at the CDL’s Stage 2 Major. At 12-1 and a stunning 40-12 on maps, FaZe are in a clear tier of their own — leaving just one main question when predicting Major II’s Grand Finals: Who can test Atlanta?

According to Ian ‘Enable’ Wyatt, a former player for FaZe himself, one underdog team that can push Atlanta to the limit and it’s Minnesota’s ROKKR squad. In the latest episode of the Reverse Sweep, Enable argued the ROKKR’s case with Katie Bedford and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker. 

Pacman went a different direction with his prediction, noting that OpTic Chicago’s recent return to form could mean a run through the Winners Bracket. Both predictions now rely on Losers Bracket runs after each underdog team dropped their first match, but impossible is nothing in tourney play.

Enable believes ROKKR can threaten FaZe

Feeling the spice of bracket life, Enable’s first take was a particularly juicy one: “My bold prediction is Minnesota beating FaZe in the finals, 5-4 … this is my hot take.”

With immediate reactions of surprise by his fellow analysts, the former CoD pro cooled off a little and reassessed his stance — opting for a more palatable take instead: “Minnesota will be in the finals and it will be a competitive series, win or lose, I think they’re gonna take FaZe to the distance.”

After picking up rookie Eli ‘Standy’ Bentz during Stage 2, the ROKKR have impressed everyone, surging up the standings and into the Winners Bracket. But the team is still ranked sixth on the season, at 6-5, so it’s pretty ambitious to expect them to both make the Grand Finals and push FaZe to nine maps.

That boldness was demonstrated as the ROKKR lost 2-3 to the Empire in Winners Round 2. Still, it took 0.1-second heroics from the Empire and a game five, round 11 to beat Minnesota, so it’s clear that the team has a lot of punch in them.

As for Pacman’s take, his hopes for an OpTic run through the Winners Bracket have already been dismantled. Nevertheless, three of OpTic’s four players notched a positive K/D (kill-death ratio) in their 1-3 loss to the Toronto Ultra. Each underdog squad still has a chance to go the distance and give FaZe a run for their money.

But if Enable was putting his money down, it would be on ROKKR surprising the CoD world: “It’s going nine maps, it’s going 5-4 … This is going to be the wildest Major we’ve seen in a while.”