Dr DisRespect goes on hilarious rant after getting killed with a knife in Black Ops 4

Dr DisRespect is known for his often spicy opinions and that was on full display during this incredible rant on knives in Black Ops 4.

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Every long-time Call of Duty player has memories of running around Modern Warfare 2 using the absurdly overpowered knife, but that doesn’t mean fans wanted it to come back.

If some did, the Doc wasn’t one of them. He went on a knife-fueled rant after being killed by them twice at the end of the game then watching the final killcam which featured two more knife kills.

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“To me [using a knife] is absolutely pathetic. It’s skinny. To have someone like that runaround, take all the bullets and knife me, it’s disgusting,” said the Doc.

The rant goes on to show just how annoyed Doc is, and after he declares Black Ops 2 the best CoD multiplayer experience.

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Obviously, the largest drawback to the knife is how it breaks realism. It often takes five or more bullets to bring someone down from full health but one quick swipe of the knife does the same work as nearly a clip.

The old saying “never bring a knife to a gunfight” should be switched for close quarters engagements in Call of Duty. Whoever is quicker to abandon the shot and try to get the knife kill often wins, and the Doc is sick about it.