Does Black Ops Cold War really need prestiging? | CharlieIntel Podcast #4

Shane King
Does Cold War Need Prestiging

The CharlieIntel Podcast is back with a brand new episode to discuss all things new in the Call of Duty world over the last week.

This week Mike and Keshav discuss whether Black Ops Cold War needs prestiging, the influence of Treyarch’s ‘new breed’ of developers and the potential changes they’re making ahead of the highly anticipated Beta.

They discuss the pros and cons of prestiging and what it actually adds of value to the game for certain players. The pair also discuss the angles they can go with to please both casual fans who play the game and also the people who want to grind out completionist content.

A major point of interest is the changes Treyarch will be making to the game coming into the beta after the community had a mixed reaction to the gunplay in the alpha build, with a bunch of new settings and maps coming to the beta for players to test.