Clayster’s “last cry” about having to move to Dallas for one CDL season

. 2 years ago
Ben Pursell for Activision Blizzard Entertainment

Multiple-time Call of Duty world champion James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has made one “last cry” of the CDL offseason, lamenting at the fact that he had to move to a different city for what turned out to be a single season.

Winning three Home Series tournaments and the first-ever CDL World Championship should have made 2020 a season to remember for Clayster, but all that was stained by a sudden release from the Dallas Empire roster immediately following the campaign.

Despite winning back-to-back world championships, Clayster found himself a free agent once more, as the league’s decision to revert back to a 4v4 format left him as the odd man out of the Empire’s star-studded lineup.

A lot has been said about the situation by all parties involved, including the veteran himself, but now he’s chipped in again with what he’s calling a final “cry” about it.

Moving is never easy, especially when it’s to a whole different area, but having to do it and then finding out a year later that you have no more ties to that city is what’s been frustrating Clay, at least enough to post about it.

And now, he’s more than likely going to have to do it again, this time to the Big Apple, where his new team, the New York Subliners, are based in. It’s not hard to see where Clay’s coming from – what’s stopping the same situation from striking again this time next year?

In a follow-up tweet, he also wrote: “I need to sit down and make a YouTube video about why K/D is irrelevant to a team that’s winning and hopefully help some people understand what it means to play for a W and not for a K/D.”

While alone that comment would have been a lot more innocent, the fact that it came as a reply to his original tweet seems to suggest that he still feels strongly about being chosen to be dropped from the Empire and that it could have had something to do with his individual stats.

Clayster New York Subliners
New York Subliners
After a single season with the Dallas Empire, Clayster will start the 2021 CDL season as a member of New York Subliners.

Regardless, the world of Call of Duty moves on, and in a few month’s time, the former Dallas Empire star will have to apply his trade under the yellow-and-blue banner of the Subliners.

While perhaps not as stacked as Dallas, New York still boasts a strong lineup that includes established star ZooMaa, Rookie of the Year candidate Mack, and up-and-comer HyDra.

Perhaps the only thing they were missing was that veteran presence with championship experience who can keep the team on the right path and perfectly serve as the “glue guy” – sound like someone we know?

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