Clayster shares his thoughts on how Control could be improved

Eunited’s James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks believes Control would be better if the time it takes to capture a zone was reduced.

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Following the announcement of the new CWL rule set on October 26, which introduced Control as a competitive game mode for Black Ops 4, Clayster shared his thoughts on how it could be improved.

Control sees teams swap between attacking and defending two pre-determined objective areas with a collective of 25 lives per round and having spent the weekend practicing, Clayster believes succeeding in the game mode is very dependent on how a team performs at the beginning of the match.

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He notes that when a team is attacking the objective and they lose four or five more lives than their opposition, it’s very difficult to make a comeback, meaning defending teams will have the upper hand.

Clayster believes speeding up the capture time of the control points would create a more balanced match for the attackers.

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Commentator and former professional Call of Duty player Joseph ‘MerK’ DeLuca agreed with Clayster’s idea, and also suggested that capture progress could be altered so that instead of going up in thirds, it would not go back down below the amount it had been captured. 

For example, if an attacking player captured three quarters of the control point, progress would remain at that level, rather than dropping back down to two thirds as it does currently.

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With Black Ops 4’s CWL rule set still new, it is possible that we could see some changes based on player feedback as the season progresses. ACHES and Slasher lobbied to have Hacienda added to the Hardpoint map rotation and the CWL listened.

However, Treyarch may not have enough time to test and implement Clayster’s balance changes before the first major event of Black Ops 4, which takes place in Las Vegas on December 7.