Clayster Receives the Perfect Gift from Sledgehammer to Celebrate the Ardennes Forest Tree Conspiracy

Ross Deason

Sledgehammer has embraced the Ardennes Forest tree meme in the best way imaginable, by giving James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks his very own commemorative “Treegate” camo!

Clayster took to Twitter on August 1 to share images of the camo, saying “lmao I love you @SHGames, thanks for the gift 😀 #treegate”.

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Sledgehammer Games was quick to respond, telling Clayster that he is welcome and saying “without you, good sir, there would be no #Treegate. It’s the least we could do”.

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For anyone that is unaware, the cammo is referring to a situation at the start of July where numerous professional Call of Duty: WWII players were convinced that a number of new trees had been added to Ardennes Forest.

Key among those players was Clayster. The former World Champion vented his frustration, saying “oh boy we got what we always wanted, more trees to lose aim-assist on and stick nades to!”

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However, images soon began to surface that showed the trees on the Cave side of the map had been in the game since November of 2017 – something that Sledgehammer Games confirmed in a reply to Clayster’s original post:

Clayster would go on to apologize, saying “Yeahhhhh, sorry about that, I think there was more trees added to the background and for the past 4 months that entire side of Ardennes has been smoked out so… yeah sorry”.

Naturally, the confusion was the beginning of a brand new meme in the competitive Call of Duty community; one that Sledgehammer Games is clearly keen to participate in!