Clayster Questions Why Nobody Said Anything About Scump’s Celebrations vs Rise Nation

Calum Patterson

When Seth “Scump” Abner celebrated loudly in a win over Rise Nation at the CWL Pro League, James “Clayster” Eubanks was surprised to see little backlash directed at the OpTic player.

Clayster has a reputation for getting hyped up on stage during matches, never shying away from showing his emotions especially after a big win, but not everyone is a fan of the antics.

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Clayster’s celebrations during eUnited’s earlier match against OpTic were unfortunately premature, as after making a ‘choke’ gesture towards his opponents following the first maps, eUnited actually went on to lose the series 3-2.

Unsurprisingly, Clayster’s interactions on social media quickly became volatile, with OpTic fans all too happy to remind him how his celebration had backfired.

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Fast forward to the second week of matches and OpTic Gaming were facing off against three time champions this season, Rise Nation.

The match secured them their spot in playoffs if they won, and after completing the 3-1 victory, Scump got hyped up like fans have rarely seen this season.

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There has been increased scrutiny over player behavior on stage recently, following the scenes at the Gears New Orleans tournament which saw professional Gears players be utterly ruthless in their trash talk.

While some fans think that the on stage antics bring extra excitement and storylines to the scene, others view it as unbecoming of professionals.

Clayster is perhaps pointing out the disparity between who is ‘allowed’ to get hype, according to fans. Fan favorites like Scump might be encouraged to get loud, whereas a more polarizing figure like Clayster receives backlash.