Did the CDL Stage 5 crowd cause the greatest comeback ever? | CDL Reverse Sweep Review Show

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CDL Stage 5 Major Reverse Sweep Review Show

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The Call of Duty League Stage 5 Major was certainly an event to remember and our Reverse Sweep duo of Katie Bedford and Jonathan ‘Pacman’ Tucker is here to recap all the craziest results and emerging storylines heading into Champs.

Just one event remains in the 2021 CDL season. As the Stage 5 Major came to an end, all eyes are now fixated on Champs as the year winds down. Though before we get there, it’s time to recap one of the most shocking CoD events in recent history.

From insane upsets to one of the best comebacks of all time, the Stage 5 Major had it all. New champions were crowned as Minnesota ROKKR took the throne, all while top dogs Atlanta FaZe looked on from the sidelines after their early exit.

To get you up to speed, join our Reverse Sweep crew as they dive into all the biggest storylines from the Stage 5 Major.

ROKKR’s historic comeback against Ultra

There’s no better place to start than where it all ended. ROKKR cemented their spot in the history books with a reverse sweep unlike anything we’ve seen in CoD history.

Put simply, it was “the best comeback” Pacman had ever seen. “The way they managed to come together at this stage to win a tournament is incredible,” he explained.

After months of falling short, they finally closed out a big one and did it against all odds. “Their road to get there was [through] the best teams,” Katie added. Wins over FaZe, Empire, and Ultra proved they’re not to be taken lightly as Champs draws near.

Toronto Ultra blowing the 4-0 lead

On the other side of the stage was nothing but heartbreak. While ROKKR celebrated its triumphant rebound, Ultra was left wondering what went wrong as the biggest lead possible slipped away map by map.

“It’s just heartbreaking,” Pacman said. “It’s tough because you’re right on the cusp of doing something not many people can do. Clearly, they fell apart.”

While ROKKR’s own performance was obviously a huge factor in those final maps, the crowd may have also played a big role, Pacman and Katie agreed. 

“You could see it in their faces, the nerves got to [Toronto],” Pacman explained. “The fact the crowd was actively cheering against them makes it that much harder.”

Atlanta FaZe lowest placing ever at the hands of Seattle Surge

Although ROKKR stole the show, this season’s most dominant squad was nowhere to be found on Championship Sunday. For the first time this year, FaZe found themselves knocked out with a Top 8 finish.

“We’ve never seen them in a spot like this before,” Pacman said. “This time around, it just wasn’t there.”

Of all the teams to knock FaZe down, it was none other than Seattle Surge, this year’s biggest underdogs. In a result no one saw coming, “[Surge] played extremely well” and ended their own season with a bang.

Best moments of the CDL Stage 5 Major

It’s tough to pick against ROKKR’s comeback for the best moment in the Stage 5 Major. That’s exactly what Katie sided with as the “easiest pick. I don’t know how you get more clutch than that Grand Finals,” she said,

Picking the same team but an earlier match, Pacman went with ROKKR’s win over FaZe instead. On map four, as Raid Hardpoint came into focus, “it was a team clutch moment” for them to topple the “best team in the game.”

“They’re not traditionally a good Hardpoint team,” he added. So when ROKKR closed out that map, it proved to Pacman they have what it takes to go the distance.

MVPs of the Stage 5 Major

For the MVP candidates this time around, it was likely rookie of the year pick Standy who topped Pacman’s list. “Across every game, he was Minnesota’s best play,” he outlined.

“[Standy] played unreal in the finals. That’s what leaders do, that’s what veteran stars do, and that’s what Standy did.”

While agreeing with Pacman’s choice, Katie wanted to highlight something outside of the lobby. “The crowd was my MVP,” she said. “My MVP, in general, is to have a LAN event back with a crowd, it was so much more fun.”

Least Valuable Players of the Stage 5 Major

Last but not least, the Reverse Sweep crew closed out with their LVPs of the Major. “I’m gonna go with Shotzzy,” Pacman said. Although they still finished among the Top 4, it was a “lackluster” performance all around in his eyes. 

“I feel like he’s Dallas’ superstar and he just played poorly. I expected him to be like Standy and he wasn’t.

Meanwhile, Katie poured some salt into Toronto’s wound, picking their entire team as this week’s LVP. “Toronto was up 4-0… you needed a single map and you got reverse swept. I have to give my LVP to them because that’s unacceptable.”