Can This CoD Amateur save the CDL’s worst team?

Theo Salaun
cdl reverse sweep round 11 zaptius

From 4-peating with WestR in Challengers to debuting for the Call of Duty League’s London Royal Ravens, Reverse Sweep Round 11 dives into how Alex ‘Zaptius’ Bonilla can turn London’s CDL hopes around.

Replacing Thomas ‘Dylan’ Henderson, Zaptius brings an entirely different style of play. As Round 11’s Andrew ‘Enigma’ Campion explains, the rookie’s ability to handle dirty work enabled WestR and “unlocked the field to let the slayers do their part.”

Given London’s issues with everything, and S&D in particular, a Zaptius change of pace could be monumental — and Round 11 breaks down why in full.

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