Blackjack’s Shop goes live for Black Ops 4’s Black Market

. 4 years ago

Players will now be able to directly purchase cosmetic items in Black Ops 4 with the introduction of Blackjack’s shop.

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The Black Market in Black Ops 4 is the game’s one-stop shop for Specialist outfits and gestures, allowing players the chance to receive exclusive gear.

Following the path of Special Orders and Contraband Streams, Blackjack’s Shop went live on November 13 to give players another option for obtaining cosmetic items in the game.

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Blackjack’s Shop is an in-game store that contains both Featured and Daily items that players can directly purchase using Call of Duty Points.

This marks the first time since Advanced Warfare that a direct purchase system has been put into a Call of Duty game as Supply Drops containing random items have become the norm ever since.

While the shop might contain some items that were in Contraband and Special Event Streams, Blackjack’s Shop will also have its own set of unique items on the way.

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In addition to Blackjack’s Shop, Treyarch has also announced a new way to earn Tiers for the Contraband Streams with the new Daily Tier Skip feature.

We’re also happy to announce the launch of Daily Tier Skips in Multiplayer and Blackout for all players! Simply win a match in MP or earn a Merit in Blackout each day to redeem a daily Bonus Tier in the Black Market. This allows players to earn Contraband items even faster, and it’s a permanent addition to the game.

These are a just a couple of things that dropped with the latest Black Ops 4 update, as Treyarch introduced a host of changes to all game modes in the update.

You can find the full patch notes for the November 13 update HERE.

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