Black Ops 4 “Supply Stream” item system may have leaked

A blog post on Call of Duty’s official website that detailed a new item system in Black Ops 4 was posted then quickly deleted.

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The post, which highlighted features of the Black Ops Pass, named a new feature called the “Supply Stream.”

Before the post was deleted, CharlieIntel captured the text describing the Supply Stream.

The brand-new Supply Stream system now grants you new gear as you progress through tiers. While other players are required to reach each tier organically, Black Ops Pass members can skip 10 tiers per season. What’s that mean? In short, you’ll get the chance to own the newest Uniforms, Weapon Variants and Emotes before everybody else.

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The new system sounds similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass, which has unlocks as players move up in ranks.

If the Supply Stream is on the way to Black Ops 4, Uniforms, Weapon Variants and other unlockable items may not be in an RNG system and would unlock over time.

Since pre-orders included Call of Duty points, it remains to be seen if the Supply Stream system is a replacement for loot boxes, or simply an additional method to unlock cosmetic items.

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