ACHES, Slasher, Parasite and more discuss potential changes to the Black Ops 4 CWL map rotation

Ross Deason

Call of Duty pro players have been analysing, critiquing and suggesting changes to the CWL V1 ruleset ever since it was announced on October 26.

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Most of the conversation has centered around which weapons, items and Specialists they believe should or should not be permitted in competitive play, but some has also concentrated on the map rotation.

Patrick ‘ACHES’ Price and Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat have already voiced their concerns about some of the maps included for various game modes and they were joined by a number of others during a discussion about the Hardpoint maps on October 28.

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ACHES took to Twitter to suggest that both Hacienda and Morocco should be added to the rotation and, while some disagreed about Morocco, the general consensus was that Hacienda should be included.

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ACHES seems to be particularly concerned about Summit being used for Hardpoint – something that Evil Geniuses’ Tyler ‘FeLo’ Johnson clearly agrees with.

During the same conversation, SlasheR and Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte debated over whether Contraband should be included, with Parasite saying that the ability to flank through the water, and the spawns, were issues – SlasheR agreed that the map has issues but believes it’s still the fifth best option for the mode in Black Ops 4.

The conversation didn’t end with Hardpoint, though, as ACHES, FeLo and Embry ‘Bevils’ Bevil all agreed that Seaside Search and Destroy would be an issue, particularly will Specialists in the game.

“There’s nowhere you can move the B site to make it a good map either,” Team Envy’s coach stated. “Barrel part of the map is just way too congested for snd even if you moved the bombsite behind the building in the courtyard still no good for SnD.”

It will be interesting to see how the rules, and maps, change throughout the Black Ops 4 season, but it seems likely that the pro players will have to compete under the current limitations at CWL Las Vegas at least.

The $250,000 event will take place from December 7 – 9 and will be our first opportunity to see what the best players on Earth are capable of under LAN conditions.