100 Thieves raid FaZe Clan CoD – Priestahh and Crowder join

100 Thieves/Twitter

With just a week left until the start of the CWL Pro League, 100 Thieves have announced two major moves to round out their Call of Duty roster. 

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Given that every CWL Pro League team is required to have a substitute, it’s no surprise to see teams announcing new members to round out their rosters.

That certainly wasn’t the case for 100 Thieves, however, as their announcement featured quite the bombshell that with feature heavy implications for the roster.

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Following rumors on January 27 that a move was on the way, 100 Thieves have put things to rest by announcing Preston ‘Prietsahh’ Greiner as the newest member of the roster.

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As the rumors originally suggested, he will be joining the team as more than a substitute.

Priestahh will actually slot into the 100 Thieves roster as a member of the starting five, while Maurice ‘Fero’ Henriquez will move to the bench.

100 Thieves owner and CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag commented on the move in a Tweet, saying that this move “will change the dynamics of our player’s roles on this team” since Kenny ‘Kenny’ Williams will be moving to the Maddox rather than the traditional SMG role.

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That wasn’t 100 Thieves’ only announcement, either, as they also have picked up James ‘Crowder’ Crowder from FaZe Clan on loan to join the team as head coach.

Nadeshot had previously teased this coaching acquisition, saying the team’s “Call of Duty supporters [would] be happy.”

The CWL Pro League is set to kick off on February 4, with 100 Thieves slotted into Division B.

100 Thieves will also compete at the next open event, CWL Forth Worth, in March.