100 Thieves’ Fero makes OpTic’s Crimsix rage with powerful pistol in Black Ops 4

. 4 years ago

100 Thieves player Maurice ‘Fero’ Henriquez brought back bad memories from the WWII season, as he angered OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter during a Black Ops 4 tournament.

Playing the grand finals of the CMG ProDown on December 3, the two teams were playing Search and Destroy on Frequency, when Fero pulled out his secret weapon.

Fans from the WWII season will recall Fero’s use of dual wield pistols during his time on eRa Eternity, which he used to go 14-1 on a map of SnD vs OpTic, prompting a very public backlash from Crimsix.

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After the match, Crimsix took to Twitter saying “Can we get duelist the hell outta here? Jesus Christ man. No wonder why PC elitist call us Console Monkeys” – referring to Fero’s use of dual wield pistols.

Thankfully, in March 2017, Sledgehammer finally got around to banning the duelist ability, but for some players and fans this was too long.

And Fero is back at it in Black Ops 4, exposing the ‘Mozu’ as another potentially problematic pistol – and once again angering Crimsix in the process.

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Crimsix even acknowledged that it was once again Fero who was wielding the all powerful Mozu, exclaiming “he’s been using a pistol for three fucking years!”

The Mozu pistol on Black Ops 4.

However, there is no restriction on the Mozu pistol – or the hefty scope which can be attached to it – currently in place in the competitive ruleset.

Perhaps Fero’s use of it against one of the most popular teams in a tournament setting will bring some attention to the Mozu, which many feel needs either nerfed or restricted for competitive.

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