Sneaky Apex Legends spot to kill Cage campers on Kings Canyon

. 1 year ago
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One smart Apex Legends player has shared a clever counter to enemies who have set up at the top of Kings Canyon’s Cage, using a simple climb to eliminate the pesky campers. 

One of Apex Legends strongest aspects is the incredible movement system. The lack of fall damage, the game’s intuitive climbing mechanisms and the ability to continuously slide mean just moving around the game’s maps is rewarding and fluid.

This movement, paired with the new POIs and map changes, mean there are a host of new tactics and positions just waiting to be discovered.

Explosive Hold in Apex Legends
Kings Canyon has undergone a number of changes since Apex first launched.

That’s exactly what one player – Redditor ‘samuelschade‘ – has shared, highlighting a creative and intelligent way to eliminate campers from the top of Kings Canyon’s Cage. The very top of this structure is always hard to push, but this trick makes it way eaiser.

When there’s a full squad setup there, a lot of players would just leave them be, perhaps in the hope of the zone forcing them to leave the POI.

However, the player instead opts to climb a nearby zipline pole. They then mantle once again onto the very top of the pole, giving them an angle on all three of the enemies camping in Cage. With the Hemlok in hand, some accurate bursts were more than enough to dispose of the entire team – who couldn’t work out where they were being hit from.

It’s really clever play, and a satisfying way to catch campers by surprise. Some Apex players have criticized the top of Cage because of the way it can be exploited by passive players, who seldom move and only work to eliminate players who directly challenge them.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen intelligent players donning their creativity. Back in January, we saw an innovative Mirage use his ultimate to be even more bamboozling.

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