Rogue upsets dizzy, KingRichard, and Aceu to win $500,000 Twitch Rivals Apex Legends tournament

. 3 years ago
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Rogue completed a stunning upset when they took top honors at the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Showdown netting the lion’s share of $500,000.

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Twitch typically hosts incredible competitive tournaments at their conventions, and the latest entry for the Twitch Rivals series produced a stunner, with an Apex Legends phenom ending as the runner-up.

So far, North American org NRG have been a powerhouse in Apex Legends, with young talent Coby ‘dizzy’ Meadows paving the way – but this time incredible team play by the Rouge squad earned them to top spot in Germany.

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How was NRG eliminated?

The last game of the tournament had an intense closing circle around the Repulsor that was rife with chaos and gunspatter throughout.

NRG were making a good run throughout the last match in regards to kills, but a broken rotation left them with bad positioning which ultimately led them get wiped out in 9th place.

Dizzy’s squad ended up in second place taking home $41,600 for their org.

Rogue take the top spot in Berlin

In contrast to NRG, Rogue took a strong hold of the final game especially when the circle narrowed down on the last 10 teams.

Even though the squad didn’t rack up a ton of kills, they focused on taking the high ground in the final moments of the match. The strat worked to perfection as they were able to avoid most of the engagements happening below while dishing out relentless waves of suppressing fire to anyone down below.

The culmination of tons of hard work from Rogue’s part culminated in their squad, taking home $76,400 by coming out on top of the Twitch Rivals Showdown.

“We’ve put up grind, sweat and tears into this, like we’ve been playing every day,” Rogue’s ‘SweetdDreams said. “So coming here all the way from the United States and it feels really good to represent North America as well as Rogue.”

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The Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Showdown was packed with intense action as well as awesome plays, and the final match proved to be a fitting end to wrap up one of the best tournaments for the game so far.

Twitch Rivals Apex Legends Showdown Finals Total

TEAM NAME Total Prizing
1. Rogue $74,600
2. NRG Esports $41,600
3. Tamamdir $30,050
4. Pepega_AMD $18,450
5. Wakanda Trihards $15,700
6. Perrymones $15,150
7. RNG Gods $13,550
7. Traube Minze $13,550
9. Dojo $12,850
10. Se Germanz $12,500
11. Sacriels $11,300
12. Article 13 🙂 $10,800
13. Sentinels $10,500
13. Sweeties $10,500
13. Catharsis $10,500
16. Rest in Peacekeeper $9,450
16. Twitchnl $9,450
18. The Lads $9,300
19. Power Team $8,950
20. xQc Fanboys $8,950

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