NICKMERCS reveals biggest change he’d make to Apex Legends

Sam Comrie
Respawn Entertainment

Streaming titan Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff recently made waves for dropping Warzone and heading to Apex Legends. After getting his hands dirty in battle, the FaZe star wants a simple change to be made, and he’s got the backing of fans.

The Warzone hacking epidemic continues to plague the Call of Duty community. As cheating players rise and glitches break the game, this has got many players considering giving up on Activision’s Battle Royale for good. Until real, tangible change comes to the game, many of the biggest Warzone streamers have decided to jump into Respawn Entertainment’s competitive rival.

Focusing on trio-orientated skirmishes, Apex Legends has impressed streamers and players alike for being a breath of fresh air.

Among those streamers impressed by Respawn’s battle royale iteration is FaZe clan creator NICKMERCS. Despite his meteoric rise to fame with Warzone, the streamer has decided enough is enough. Having spent some time demolishing foes in Apex, he’s already got some key feedback on one element of the game that fans have requested for quite some time. 

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Respawn Entertainment
Respawn’s take on Battle Royale continues to impress newcomers.

NICKMERCS biggest Apex Legends change

In his August 7 YouTube upload, the streaming star suggested that the pre-game character selection screen could do with some work. 

Currently, if you’re not in front of your screen during this stage, the game will assign you a legend, typically the one you last used. However, if they’re not available, you’ll be given someone at random. This has bugged Apex players for a while, and now it’s bugging Nick.

To combat this, the FaZe star suggested that the game would allow players to pre-select three Legends of their choice. “If I walk away for a second and then I come back and I get this guy that I’ve played or I don’t like, I’m like NAH!” he said.

In the event that a player would be away from the character selection screen, the game would pick from one of those options, given they’re available of course. 

It’s a quality of life fix that players have suggested for quite some time, so maybe Respawn might soon come around and implement it. We’ll have to wait and see.